Save work in memory

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Save work in memory

Post by PeterMortensen »

Hi folks
In my EON preferences I have accepted to leave work in memory while my pc's are suspended.

Though, every time I turn on any of my pc's, the work done is not saved and the computation start from all over again.

Is it possible to save the work and not do the same work twice?

Robert Pick
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Re: Save work in memory

Post by Robert Pick »

I was about to send the same message as you have done! Fore whatever reason ( yet to figure out ) My sys. shuts down almost every morning at 0754 and restarts automatically. Brings up everything, internet, boinc, weatherstation, QCN------Everything! BUT if I happen to be running eOn it resets to 0 progress and starts all over again. My sys. is also set to leave work in memory and eOn is the only project that doesn't. It's quite frustrating. I had 6 running this morning with about 10 min. to go at 0753 and she quit! Restarted at 0755 and they all reset to 0. Whats the reason why?

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Re: Save work in memory

Post by GaryWilson »

Actually, the issue is the project doesn't support checkpointing (saving incremental progress to a file). With checkpointing, the project would restart from the last checkpoint it saved if you shutdown, etc. The suspend in memory is fine if you run multiple projects. I think (maybe wrong) that you should use this for this project if you run others as well as I would imagine if it switches to another project, without checkpointing, it may restart from zero again when the manager switches back to it. I use this option but haven't paid attention to see if that would be an issue. But that doesn't help if your computer crashes or restarts for any reason. You will start from zero again. There is another thread on the checkpointing issue, but the project team has not decided to support it yet.
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