didn't need??

eOn code for long time scale dynamics

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didn't need??

Post by frankhagen »

i am watching this for quite some time now:

name 453769022_3946_32162381
application eOn Client
created 27 Feb 2011 18:28:10 UTC
minimum quorum 1
initial replication 1
max # of error/total/success tasks 1, 1, 1
errors Too many total results WU cancelled

WU's get cancelled a few minutes after they were sent - even in progress... :(
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Re: didn't need??

Post by Ananas »

Oh well, other results run a few seconds and then get stuck for hours, not consuming any CPU time anymore and they force all hosts (even ones that are set to NNW) to connect to the server every 30 minutes.

They are making fun of us and probably do not really need crunchers - I detached completely.
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Re: didn't need??

Post by matt »

We had a bug in our build system that caused some clients to hang. We'll be releasing new clients soon. I'll post an announcement when we do. Thanks for your help.
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Re: didn't need??

Post by Richard1949 »

I get that that problem too, sometimes. My computer worked on 4 WU`s overnight. I sent them in this morning and got the message "did`nt need." Frustrating. My computer could have been working on something else. Why are WU`s that are`nt needed being sent out?
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