Computing preferences ignored?

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Computing preferences ignored?

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I just joined eOn project. I'm already seeing that it is not very good at sharing with other BOINC projects and hogging my entire computer. In order to avoid this, I have set the computing preferences for eOn to use no more than 2 processors and no more than 25% of the processors. However, this is being ignored and eOn is continuting to use all 3 of the processors that I have allowed to use my computer in the BOINC client. (I have an i3770 CPU with 4 multi-threaded cores which show up as 8 processors.) I don't know if this is because my BOINC client settings (for all projects) override the computing preferences I have set for eOn.
I do know that is not the result I expect to achieve when I set computing preferences. I am happy to keep eOn running if I can indeed limit it to 2 processors only. If not, however, I will disengage from the project again. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.
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Re: Computing preferences ignored?

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see viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1280 - eOn likes to use as much as possible.
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