HTML issues for language = de

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HTML issues for language = de

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Visiting the web site with English language settings works, if I choose German in language_select.php, home.php doesn't display anything useful anymore.

On every second call the screen is several meters wide (very weird effect), it never shows any visible informations even though it is there as I can copy/paste it or click links (guessing the position). Some of the constant form texts are visible, not all though and no dynamic database contents either.

Looking at the source, one damaged link can be found there :

Code: Select all

<a href="SECURE_URL_BASEedit_passwd_form.php">
I haven't figured out yet what causes this.

Logging in with the authenticator seems not to work at all and in IE I cannot login at all as it tries to send me to (which of course doesn't exist)
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