why I'm dumping eon

eOn code for long time scale dynamics

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why I'm dumping eon

Post by FayeKane »

Just wanted to let you know that I'm dropping your project after it finishes the current work unit because it ignores BOINC run parameters and takes over my computer. Fortunately, I read the forum after starting it.

Yes, I appreciate that you need fast parallel results for an app that models the current state of a simulation (i.e., that past results are irrelevant). I also realize that this requires changing the task's CPU-dispatch priority from "idle". This is completely legitimate.

So buy your own damn computers and run it legitimately.

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You also don't seem to use the Nvidia GPU efficiently (if at all), since mine is at 2% utilization. That's enough reason to dump you right there. The whole reason I do BOINC is to contribute the massive vector processor in my Geforce 470 to science. Rewrite your parallel app in CUDA and you probably could do the whole thing on your own machines if you buy Tesla HPC cards and plug them into a few 6-core PCs.

If the rest of y'all want to run eon, but at idle priority, just set persistent priority for the BOINC project to "idle" using a utility like taskinfo. Any daughter subtasks (like the science code) will inherit the idle priority. You can also allocate specific cores to BOINC instead of letting overzealous projects like this one wander around your CPU, grabbing resources.
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Re: why I'm dumping eon

Post by Conan »

If you click on the "Application" link on the front page you would see that this is a CPU only project and so will never utilise your GPU.
If you want to use your GPU then join another project that uses them, there are quite a few out there now.

You can still use your CPU's on this one or other CPU projects if you wish.

As for eOn taking over the computer and doing what it wants, I don't see that happening on my computers.
I run eOn and multiple other projects with varying run times and commitment dates, they are all completing well within their deadlines, including VolPex which has 1 day deadlines.

BOINC will adhere to your preferences over time (it takes more than a few days to even time across projects), and wont download new work when it decides to allow another project more time to run.

So keep using your brain for science as science needs all the help it can get, and we might catch you over at another project or three.

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