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chgdiff failed

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Dear All,

I added to vasp CHGCAR files with chgsum, that was fine.
But when using chgdiff for the output file resulting from chgsum (CHGCAR_sum) and another CHGCAR file
an error resulted
>Atoms in file1: 0, Atoms in file2: 0
>Points in file1: 0.195141112677741, Points in file2: 0.227019420883369

I have vasp5.2 and utexas scipts have been downloaded about 1/2011.

Problem was that there are missing lines in when compared to

When I added folllowing lines (from to
# check whether it is a vasp5 format
$line1=<IN1>; $line2=<IN2>;

$line1=~s/^\s+//; $line2=~s/^\s+//;
@line1=split(/\s+/,$line1); @line2=split(/\s+/,$line2);
if ($line1[0]=~ /^\d+$/) {
} else {
if ($line2[0]=~ /^\d+$/) {
} else {

and changed to (in the end)
printf OUT "%18.11e %18.11e %18.11e %18.11e %18.11e\n",$line1[1],$line1[2],$line1[3],$line1[4],$line1[5]; works fine.

I guess other chg***.pl are similarly missing the vasp5.2 part and the output formats differ.
Can you update this?

terveisin, Markus
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