nathan photo   Nathan S. Froemming
Undergraduate Student

BS Physics (Honors), BS Chemistry (Honors),
University of Texas at Austin (2008).

Current Position: Graduate Student, University of Washington, Seattle


  Nathan was a part of the Henkelman group from June 2005 — August 2008, then again from June 2009 — August 2010. His research encompased a few projects, inluding:
  • CH4 dissociation on Ir nanoparticles and surfaces
  • CO oxidation on Au(111) and titania-supported thin Au films
  • CO3 formation and decomposition on Ag(110), Ag(111), Au(110) & Au(111)
  • Using evolutionary search algorithms within DFT to search for better fuel cell catalysts
  • Studying the effects of dopants in semiconductors using the virtual crystal approximation
Nathan is presently attending graduate school at the University of Washington in Seattle, where he is working toward his Ph.D. in theoretical particle physics.